The Week of the Watermelon

watermelon fruit cakeI’ve been inspired by watermelon!  To me… this fruit is the epitome of summer.  Sure, you can buy it in the wintertime, but for some reason it just doesn’t taste as good, don’t you agree?

So my fun started on Tuesday.  I was trying to come up with a unique gift for both of my personal trainers, who happen to have birthdays in the same week.  When you stop and think about buying a gift for the most fit and healthy people in your life… it’s pretty tough!  And birthday cake… do you have any idea how much sugar is in a regular cake?  {gasp}

But, what about a fruit cake?  I decided to take a stab at it…. and I was THRILLED with the result.  I can take this in so many directions, by adding different colors of fruit, adding or removing layers, cascading grapes… you get the idea. I was pretty excited! And, my first order arrived the next day!

Next came the watermelon grill. Now I had seen pictures of this, and thought it looked super easy. So, when my niece was in town for a few days I thought it would be something fun her and I could work on. It didn’t let me down.  We had some great laughs getting this thing together and stable, but we did it! Here’s a little pictorial:

making a watermelon grill

a few of the steps in making a watermelon grill

And, drumrolll please… the final product:

ta-da!  we did it!

ta-da! our masterpiece!


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