Gluten Free Cake Pops

I had a customer call me last week to ask if I offered gluten free cake pops. I had never actually tried them before, but was certainly willing to give it a go.  She mentioned that one of the large grocery store brands had a gluten free cupcake mix, and suggested I try it.  I was actually surprised by how many gluten free products you can buy off the shelf, compared to just a year ago!  I went for the standard yellow cupcake mix by Betty Crocker for my initial testing.

gluten free bluebird cake pops

gluten free bluebird cake pops

At first, I was slightly nervous about the consistency of the batter, because mastering the perfectly round cake ball can be challenging when the batter is either too runny, or too lumpy.  You know, it needs to be… “just right”!  The next variable was cooking time, because I wasn’t quite sure if a gluten free batter would take more, or less time.  With my stopwatch in hand, I started plucking balls out of the pan in 30-second intervals, trying to make sure the cake was cooked perfectly.  I am happy to report I only wasted 3 in my experiment, and was immediately pleased with the shape and consistency of the outer-shell of the cake ball. It’s slightly more crisp than regular cake, which means a perfectly round ball, and easier dipping and decorating.  I might also add that I REALLY liked the taste of it.  Dare I admit I like it better than regular cake?  :)

The next hurdle was making sure the cake was dense enough to stay put on a lollipop stick – so into the freezer they went.  And again the gluten-free balls were flawless. I think I was anticipating it to be so much harder than it actually was!

In the end, probably the most difficult piece will be finding appropriate adornments to use in my standard designs; and being diligent about checking each ingredient and knowing the severity of the gluten allergy the customer has.  For instance, can I use products that are made in a facility that processes wheat?  From what I understand what works for some people, might not work for others.

That said, I am super-excited that @Zephyr took the time to call and educate me, and that I can now say…“Yes, I offer gluten-free cake pops!”


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