Piglet Cake Pops – “Oh Dear!”

When a customer contacted me about a month ago and inquired about Piglet cake pops for her son’s birthday, I said “sure, that sounds fun!”   Little did I know those little “suckers” were going to be so difficult!

Knowing I was up for a challenge, I started early – precisely one week.  I know a lot of traditional cake-poppers bake their cake, crumble it up in the food processor, mix it with frosting, and shape it into balls.  I’ve tried this method in the past, but honestly I prefer to just use round cake balls.  I have mastered baking them, and for me they are just easier to work with.  Enter Piglets head, which is not perfectly round.  Hence… the “other cake pop method” was necessary. {{gulp}}

I baked and crumbled the cake, mixed the frosting, and shaped what I thought were perfect Piglet heads. Into the freezer they went. In the meantime, I began researching and sampling different ideas for ears.  I quickly settled on hot pink fondant, and began rolling and cutting pairs of ears so I could lay them out to firm up.  Next up was a nose.  I had been shopping for candy days earlier, and purchased a few small pink candies I thought would work.  After a few trial and error pops, I quickly decided it would look much better to match the ears with the nose… so fondant it was!  The next step lasted days… and I’m not even kidding. It was becoming very clear why I couldn’t find good pictures of Piglet cake pops online… I don’t think they existed!

testing piglet ideas


It was now late Wednesday and the joke was on me.  Those “perfectly shaped piglet heads?”  Yeah, epic fail.  The last one in that cake pop lineup… well, I lovingly began to refer to it as “Shrekenstein”. If that had been dipped in green chocolate it would have been the perfect Shrek! And the cracks?  OMG! This is one of the reasons I prefer using standard cake balls.  After much research online, I discovered if your chocolate is too warm, and the cake ball too cold… CRACK!  {{ugh}}  I think it was about this time I decided to pack it in and head back to the store, hoping to find some type of cake topper, cupcake pick, or really anything to avoid having to make two dozen of these little devils on a stick.  Yup, I was giving up.

piglet cake pops

The Piglet graveyard

The trip was not successful. I returned late Wednesday night realizing there was no turning back. I had to push through and figure this out.  So up early Thursday morning I was back at it.  With the help of Pinterest (god send!) I located a tutorial for building Piglet out of fondant.  It HAD to work for cake pops too right?  I was finally making some progress :)

Making Progress

Making Progress with Piglet Cake Pops

By late Thursday, I was feeling pretty confident that what I was creating looked pretty decent.  And, in my shopping travels I had stumbled upon a pretty cool container that looked just like stacked honey pots.  While Pooh was not in my plan, I thought some honey bees in each pot surrounded by Piglets would be cute, and a good contrast in color!

In the end, I was really happy with the outcome.  It certainly didn’t come easy… right down to the point of wrapping it and getting it into the car for delivery.  And didn’t I bump the top when loading it into the car and knock two ears off?  Of course I did!  Piglet… it’s a pretty good thing your cute!@#@$#%

The Final Piglet Cake Pop Bouquet!

The Final Piglet Cake Pop Bouquet!

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