Cake Pops

These trendy little treats are so much fun to make – they are sure to delight anyone who receives them!  Fresh and made to order, cake pops are available in any flavor you’d like… with yellow, chocolate and strawberry the most popular choices.  And, I’m excited to announce that I am now offering gluten free options as well!

Cake pops can be arranged in a bouquet or individually wrapped for party favors or bake-sale situations. One dozen pops begin at $20 for very simple designs (one color with piping or sprinkles) and go up depending upon the level of customization. Character pops, or pops that require hand-sculpting will run around $3 to $4 a piece, depending upon their complexity. Larger orders will be priced appropriately, and gluten free pops include a $5 additional charge.

Here’s a peek at some of the fun I’ve had with cake pops:

**Allergy Information:  Items containing chocolate and/or cake pops are not safe for nut allergies.**